Analytics Engines

Belfast, Northern Ireland

Transforming businesses with industrialised analytics Analytics Engines provide the business backbone for data analytics and management with the world’s most flexible, scalable data platform.

RepresentativeAustin Tanney
Head of Life Science and Healthcare


Belfast, Northern Ireland

AppAttic collect clinical data though engaging mobile games and apps to reduce healthcare costs and improve quality of life. Their products are MAGE, a medicines adherence gamification app in clinical trial with an NHS Trust in the UK and Bitrun, a mobile game that generates new gameplay every day based on your Fitbit activity. Both apps integrate with MediMerge, their supporting platform which can be personalised for any use case. AppAttic are currently developing a solution to crowdsource testing and validation for low-risk medical, health and wellness apps, supported by Innovate UK.

RepresentativeRachel Gawley

Big Motive

Belfast, Northern Ireland

Big Motive is a product design and innovation studio. We collaborate with visionary brands and creative partners to design digital products and experiences that move people and accelerate change.

RepresentativeStephen Shaw
UX Director

Decibel Insight

London, England

Decibel Insight solves problems for the world’s largest websites by detecting and visualizing exactly how their online visitors behave. Deploying a single snippet of code enables digital teams to discover where both technical and experiential issues are on their websites – and how they can fix them. Watch back recordings of visitor sessions, understand user frustration, and put customer experience at the heart of your web optimization strategy.

RepresentativeEdward Tate
Account Manager


London, England

Glisser socializes presentations – it takes regular PowerPoint or Keynote presentations and pushes them out live to audience mobile devices as they are presented, slide-by-slide. It enables members of the audience to interact with speakers or each other, and collects valuable feedback and data for presenters, event organizers, and education professionals. Glisser includes slide-by-slide ‘like’ voting, live audience questions, Twitter feeds (plus ‘Tweet-a-Slide’), as well as polling and feedback slides integrated seamlessly within the original deck. No other tech is required.

RepresentativeOliver Fisher
Business Development Manager

IMP Media Limited

Leeds, England

Our mission at IMP is to help businesses and brands unlock the power of storytelling in the way they engage with their employees and customers.      Our Fusion software has been developed to help our clients find and develop stories from across the organisation and share them on external and internal social networks.

RepresentativeTony Cuthbertson

Inspired Mobile Ltd.

London, England

Inspired Mobile is an award winning multi-channel marketing platform, offering a customer research study builder; managed QR/NFC codes; proximity WiFi marketing; Email/SMS’s solutions; & over 1300 premium local & global publishers for advertising. All accessed via a single login and wrapped with a Creative Studio and CRM engine to better understand your customer.

RepresentativePratick Thakrar


Belfast, Northern Ireland

Kainos Group plc is a UK-based provider of Digital Services and Digital Platforms.   The Group’s Digital Services include full lifecycle development and support of customised Digital Services for government and commercial customers.   The Group’s Digital Platforms comprise specialised digital products in the mobile healthcare and automated testing arenas.   Kainos employs approximately 1,000 staff across eight offices in Europe and the USA, working interchangeably across its Services and Platforms businesses.

RepresentativeTom Gray
Director of Innovation


Reading, England

KYMIRA Sport, the sportswear arm of wearable tech company KYMIRA, have developed a revolutionary range of infrared emitting sportswear. Their products harness your wasted energy and recycle it back to your muscles, super charging your cells, improving performance and accelerating recovery.  With 10 published, third party clinical trials to date, and customers on every continent ranging from Olympic Gold Medalists through to users just looking to stay/get into shape; KYMIRA Sport’s range has you covered. 

RepresentativeTim Brownston


Liverpool, England

LivingLens captures & analyses video content via speech, actions & sentiment, translating human behaviour & attitudes into data & insights.  Our mission is to transform the world of consumer insight, translating human signals into powerful & easy to use insights & trends that help drive growth for our clients.

RepresentativeCarl Wong


Kings Cross, England

Pavegen aims to redefine sustainability in the built environment, through a revolutionary flooring technology that converts people’s footsteps into electricity and data, able to power lighting, signage and advertisements. Pavegen differs to other methods of sustainable energy generation as the sleek and resilient flooring seamlessly integrates into any given indoor or outdoor space. The tiles work best in areas of high footfall, providing cities and public spaces as key places to deploy the Pavegen tiles in order to generate off-grid and renewable energy.

RepresentativeLaurence Kemball-Cook
Founder and CEO


London, England

PlanSnap is the fastest way to get friends together. From a spontaneous after work beer to an adventure weekend away, the PlanSnap app gives even the most disorganised person the power to make any social plan in a snap. You’ll wonder how you lived without it.  The app is simple – to make a plan happen, you have to get everyone to agree on Who, What, Where and When. PlanSnap’s unique design makes it quick for pro planners to start planning, and simple for everyone else to join in.   PlanSnap has been getting rave reviews from early users in private testing, and is launching in March 2017.

RepresentativeLouise Doherty

Manchester, England is the easiest way to start an internet radio station. We provide a suite of tools to setup and run a radio station entirely from the cloud. Users can upload content, create playlists and schedule them these to go out at specific times of the day. Broadcasters can also invite DJs to broadcast live on their radio stations from anywhere in the world. The system tracks listeners and provides detailed statistics on how people are listening and from where.

RepresentativeMike Cunslo


Liverpool, England

SwapBots uses augmented reality to create a spectacular, interactive video game world around a collectible toy. Swapping pieces of the SwapBot influences gameplay, making a direct connection between physical play and the digital world. The player simply points their phone or tablet at the toy to see it come to life; the beauty of augmented reality is that it can turn anything into an animated, interactive surface.  Launching via a Kickstarter campaign in March 2017, SwapBots is part of San Francisco-based hardware accelerator HAX Boost and has won support from UK Games Fund and Tech North.

RepresentativeAndy Cooper

The Conversationalist Agency

London, England

The Conversationalist Agency is a Social Intelligence agency providing expert multilingual Social Media Analysts and Analysis to Agencies and Enterprise. We conduct Social Listening, Multilingual Social Media Monitoring and Social Media Analytics for global projects across all social listening tools, social platforms, channels, and geographies.   Our Mission is to support Agencies and Enterprise in answering strategic business questions and developing actionable customer insights that drive impact globally. We make strategic social listening scalable and successful.

RepresentativeJackie Cuyvers

TheTin. Brand & Technology.

London, England

We believe great brand experiences are enhanced by great technology. Many brand agencies don’t truly understand tech and many tech agencies don’t truly understand brand. We understand both. We think and do both. And that’s what makes us different. TheTin. Brand & Technology.

RepresentativeTim Harper
Brand Director


Bristol, England

The VRGO chair is a highly responsive hands free motion input device for virtual reality. It provides VR enthusiasts a practical and portable solution for VR movement in the home. Simply by tilting the chair in the direction you want to move you move in that direction within the virtual space. It seamlessly connects to any HMD wirelessly and works with content straight out of the box.  

RepresentativeJoe Ryan

'Future Art and Culture From England' Delegation

The following companies have been selected as part of the first-ever arts and cultural trade mission to SXSW, partnership with Arts Council England and British Underground. They will be showcased at the Great Britain House and UK Pavilion trade show stand during SXSW Interactive (view the schedule here).

Alexander Whitley Dance Company

London, England

Alexander launched his company, Alexander Whitley Dance Company, in 2014 with the Royal Ballet Studio commissioned work, The Measures Taken, and later that year premiered The Grit in the Oyster, a Sadler’s Wells commission for Thomas Adès See the Music Hear the Dance.

RepresentativeAlexander Whitley


London, England

Assemble is a multi-disciplinary collective working across architecture, design and art. In 2015 Assemble were awarded the Turner Prize for their ongoing work in ‘Granby Four Streets,’ Liverpool.

Paloma Strelitz is one of the co-founders of Assemble. She studied architecture at Trinity Hall, Cambridge between 2006-2009 before completing a Masters in Architecture from the Royal College of Art in 2013.

RepresentativePaloma Strelitz

Burning Bridges

Burning Bridges is an arts & film company producing and financing high quality art projects, documentary & non-fiction films. We think about making art & telling stories in new ways. For filmmakers and artists we find opportunities, raise funds, secure production partnerships, develop audiences, organise exhibitions, and deliver tours. We are expert public engagement strategists and have been successful at crowdfunding and designing strategy for impact-driven projects. Burning Bridges has a particular interest in telling stories about art & artists. We also produce high quality content and strategies for commercial clients such as record and publishing companies

RepresentativePaul Williams

Lighthouse Arts

Brighton, England

Lighthouse is an arts and culture agency that connects new developments in art, technology and society. They produce commissions, exhibitions, events and education schemes that support radical new contemporary art, digital culture, music, film and much more. Elijah is the founder of Butterz, a record label and events company founded in 2010. In 2017, Elijah joined Lighthouse as Associate Artistic Director to begin a new nationwide program that will examine the artistic and social importance of club culture.

Associate Artistic Director

Marshmallow Laser Feast

Hackney Wick, England

Marshmallow Laser Feast (MLF) is an award winning London-based experiential studio creating ground-breaking immersive experiences. MLF work at the intersection of art and cutting-edge technology employing a wealth of creative disciplines, from photo-real virtual reality through to drone performances & realtime projection mapping. Their expertise has earned a reputation for creating unique work that pushes boundaries, redefines expectations & excites audiences worldwide.

Co-founder & Creative Director Robin McNicholas has directed teams involved in a myriad of large-scale installations, live performances, VR & mixed reality experiences.

RepresentativeRobin McNicholas
Founder and Creative Director


York, England

Mediale is committed to the development of arts, culture and creative technology in the UK, and the North West in particular. The organisation produces and curates multi-stakeholder & multi-artform projects and events. Tom Higham is a producer, project manager, curator and consultant. He works with artists, developers, designers, arts organisations and policy makers all over the world to curate and produce ambitious artworks and creative projects.

RepresentativeTom Higham
Creative Director

Metis Arts

Cambridge, England

METIS is a UK performing arts company/network, directed by Zoë Svendsen. Involving a network of artists, METIS focusses on creating richly dynamic audience experiences, in the pursuit of expressive forms that connect with the contemporary world. Simon Daw has been involved in various high profile interactive works and has impressive experience in stage design.

RepresentativeSimon Daw
Artist / Stage Designer


London, England

Luke Ritchie is Digital Director for the Philharmonia Orchestra, managing an interdisciplinary team covering Video, Web Development, Production & IT. The Philharmonia have developed pioneering digital projects in-house for over ten years, from touring trucks to tents, from iPad apps to a new Virtual Reality experience.

RepresentativeLuke Ritchie
Digital Director

The Lowry

Manchester, England

The Lowry is a registered charity committed to using visual and performing arts to enrich people’s lives. It presents audiences with a diverse programme of theatre, opera, musicals, dance, music, comedy and visual art as well as events and activities to expand the horizons of audiences and artists alike.

Lucy Dusgate is digital programmer for The Lowry as part of the artistic team for whom she develops programming and new commissioning across the theatres and galleries.

RepresentativeLucy Dusgate
Programmer Digital